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Basically video marketing is an increasing trend; as more and more people acquire shorter attention span, videos set the perfect opportunity to let them absorb the information they want while still remaining passive and lazy in the process!

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Google Page Ranking

When it comes to paid results, these are the listings on Google that would require a fee to show your link for particular keywords. The most popular example here are Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns where you pay for each click on the link in your online advertisement.

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Youtube Marketing

Find out which review sites Youtube pulls from for your industry. A good first step is to do a Google search, scroll down to the local pack, and open the pop-up next to each listing. The review sites Youtube links to repeatedly for your competitors would be good for you to get reviews in, too.

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Bad Review Management

Build your protection NOW before you are attacked ! We can use videos to displace any bad reviews . Most bad reviews come from ex employees or friends of your competition.


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Internet Marketing for Local Brick & Mortar Offline Businesses SEO and Video Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is to target everyone and everybody. What you want to do is find your target audience, segment them, and then market to each group. You can use 3 sites to get the demographic information you need. Quantcast, Manta, and Facebook Ads..

After you decide who you're going to target you need to decide why you are targeting them. Are you trying to get more exposure for your business? Do you want to increase sales? Are you trying to drive more traffic to your site?

Now that you know who you are targeting and your marketing goals, you need to decide what your Web site will do. Do you want a lead generation site that will make your phone ring? Do you want to set up a lead capture system so you can capture contact information on your site? Do you want to sell a product?

The next thing you'll need to do is find some targeted search phrases (commonly called keywords) for your site. What are people typing into Google to find your business? For example, if you own a local pizza shop what are people typing in besides pizza? Use the Google keyword tool to find out. You'll see a long list of words people are searching on such as pizza delivery, pizza places, order pizza online, pizza restaurants, etc.

Internet Marketing for Local Brick & Mortar Offline Business SEO and Video Marketing


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